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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie walleye fishing
Lake Erie walleye fishing can produce some BIG fish
It's no secret in walleye fishing circles that Lake Erie produces some BIG walleyes. In 2002, Ted Takasaki of Lindy Fishing Tackle caught over 53 pounds of fish in a 5-fish day on a PWT event on Lake Erie. That's an unheard of walleye fishing average!

Lake Erie walleye fishing is second to none if you're looking for trophy walleyes. You can catch walleye on Lake Erie most times during the year, but it's the summertime that this lake goes on fire. Lake Erie walleye fishing means crankbaits. If you're setup to cover a lot of ground, a lot of big walleyes on Lake Erie are caught on cranks.

Walleye fishermen and women from all over the country come to Lake Erie by the thousands in pursuit of catching a big walleye of 30 inches or more. There is a fantastic forage base that allows fish to get big in a hurry.

If you want to try Lake Erie walleye fishing, you may want to consider using a Lake Erie walleye fishing charter. Because Lake Erie is a big lake, this will help reduce the time you spend searching for quality flats that hold big fish. If you don't want to use a walleye charter on Lake Erie, there are plenty of bait shops willing to lend some walleye fishing tips and areas to start. But most will tell you to come with plenty of deep water crankbaits and spend some time trolling.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing - your best chance at a 10 pound plus walleye

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