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Oscoda Walleye Fishing

Oscoda walleye fishing
Oscoda walleye fishing spans many lakes and rivers
Walleye fishing in the Oscoda area truly offers some amazing opportunities. Oscoda walleye fishing can be experienced by a wide variety of lakes and rivers. While Oscoda trout and salmon fishing at times attracts the most attention, Oscoda walleye fishing can produce not only some large numbers of fish, but some trophy walleyes as well.

When people think of Oscoda walleye fishing, they typically consider Lake Huron or the Ausable River. However, many of the locals will target walleyes on smaller lakes such as Foote Pond, Van Ettan Lake, and Cedar Lake. These are often fished in the winter, but it can get hot in the spring and summer.

One of the great repuations of walleye fishing in Oscoda is the size. It's not uncommon for walleye fishermen to find walleyes pushing 30 inches and weigh up to 12 pounds or more. You can target them in the river mouths early and late in the year, or by running cranks deep on the big lake. If you're looking to plan a trip for Oscoda walleye fishing, make sure to spend a little time in the local bait shops to determine walleye fishing reports and lures to use.

Oscoda Walleye Fishing - a true Lake Huron area experience.

Walleye Fishing

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